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"I highly recommend Corvallis Colonics,because cleansing the colon is important for good overall colon health.  Cleansing the colon by drinking lots of water is one thing, but I am not a heavy water drinker, so my doctor agreed that cleansing with a colonic was the safe alternative for me.  Don’t take your colon health for granted.  Do your research and you will see that many of us can use colon hydrotherapy." 

"Robin’s technique is very professional. She is also sensitive and responsive to the specific needs of the client.  She knows a lot about the digestive system and its impact on ones overall health.  I can easily recommend her services to others."

"Colon hydrotherapy has been wonderful for me with so many great benefits. I suffer from eczema, bloating, and constipation which makes me feel tired and run down. When my colon is cleansed, my skin shows great improvement and I have a lot of energy. I always leave feeling like I have a new body! The infrared sauna is wonderful for removing toxins as well as the foot bath. Robin has so much knowledge on her equipment and always makes me feel so welcomed. Thank you Robin!!!!" 

"I am delighted to have the opportunity to share my experiences of Robin's therapy sessions and the incredible difference they have made to my life.  Robin truly goes beyond expectations in providing a unique and individual experience in a comforting and relaxing environment, taking the time to listen, discuss, clarify and reflect. She does this without haste in a logical yet sensitive, understanding and caring way.  Robin's sessions are life changing.  I understand myself better.  As a result, I have a better understanding of those I care for and those around me. I thank her so much for the insight and support she bring to every session."

"My experience with Robin's Raindrop Technique was phenomenal on many levels -- physically, emotionally, spiritually. Energetically I felt freed and propelled in the direction of my life's purpose. Robin is a sensitive and skilled practitioner. I highly recommend her." SA 

"I’ve had fantastic and long lasting results with Robin’s Raindrop Technique. I am healthier; more balanced and have more energy! Thank you, Robin!"
Victoria L. Martinez, Founder & President of AnOvation Group, LLC www.anovationgro

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