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The numerous benefits outweigh any discomfort.

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" Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients " , August/September 2000 issue (#205/206)

Here is what you can expect :  While lying on the left side, right knee and thigh drawn well above the left side, a lubricated speculum (one inch in diameter) is inserted by the client about three and a half inches into the anal canal on the exhale, or during a series of exhales. (Client can use right or left hand to insert and retract the speculum.)

After a waste hose is connected to the speculum, the client then turns over onto their back positioning bolsters and pillows for comfort. (This is the most common technique but a client can also insert the speculum between the legs by lying on the back, with knees bent.)

Filtered water enters or fills the colon at approximately .25-.50 psi (pounds per square inch) of pressure.  (Note: Home enemas are usually administered between 1-2 psi. and do not clean the entire colon.) The colon hydrotherapy session consists of filling with water and evacuation cycles. Number of cycles during a session can be a few or up to several cycles per session. With each cycle, a small quantity of water enters the colon via a water tube and through a speculum, until peristalsis starts to move the contents of the colon. (If each water filling cycle were added together during the approximately 45 minute session, the accumulated total of water, which passes through the colon, would be two to six quarts of water.)

The colon hydrotherapy equipment provides a flow of filtered water through valves which regulate water temperature and pressure. Separate inflow and outflow plumbing in combination with a back flow prevention valve prevents contamination and waste from entering the water tube. The equipment does NOT assist in the evacuation of waste as it has no power source. It is the body’s own natural response (peristaltic action) to the water entering the colon that eliminates the waste. At the end of every colon hydrotherapy session, the speculum, water and waste hoses are discarded.

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